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Meet Our Pack

Any dog owner can tell you how different each dogs personality is. They may not be able to speak, but our dogs are each so unique and each have a story to tell. Here is a little more about our dogs. Feel free to message us if you have any other specific questions or for more pictures or videos of any of our dogs. 



Jazzy is our F1 bernedoodle, she is approximately 75 lbs and is so sweet. She loves attention of any kind. She is the best running partner and loves to go for walks. She carries 2 copies of the tan point/tri colored gene so will always pass that coloring gene along. She also has 2 copies of the long hair allele, and one each for curly and furnishings. She is negative/clear on genetic disorders. Her puppies are the cutest fur balls!



Roxy is our youngest dog. She is super sweet and loves attention. Roxy is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog born in 2021. She has a ball with the other dogs and loves to run and play with them. Like all Bernese Mountain Dogs, your feet will never get cold with Roxy around (if you know, you know!) She has a sweet spot right behind her ears that will make you her best friend. We will begin breeding Roxy in 2023 and plan to have both purebred Bernese and Mini Bernedoodles with her. 



Gypsy is our AKC Golden Retriever. She is registered as "Light Golden" which is AKC's lightest color. Gypsy is mostly cream colored with some light golden across her back end. She is absolutely stunning and quite petite for a Retriever weighing about 40 lbs. She is such a sweetheart and we love her! Gypsy will sit for hours for anyone willing to pet her. She has had several litters of beautiful Goldendoodles and is the best mom. Gypsy has been tested and is clear on all genetic disorders. 



Boone is our AKC and CKC registered poodle available for stud services. He is a café a lait parti colored (tan/white) standard poodle, on the smaller side of standard at about 55lbs. He loves to go for walks or runs and he is very gentle with his ladies. Boone is full of energy, super fun, athletic and completely loyal. He is cleared on all genetic disorders and OFA certified for hips. If you are interested in his stud services, please check out the "stud services" page or give us a call. 



Max is a crossed Red and Blue Heeler. He's been with us the longest but is not part of our breeding program, Max is just our funny little man. His bark is much bigger than his bite but in true Heeler fashion his favorite pastime is chasing the cows (and horses, and goats 😂) We all love Max!

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