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Our Family

The breeders, feeders, and caretakers of all our puppies and their mothers. 


All About Us 

Hello, welcome to our family page! We are the Stapelman's. We live on a small farm in rural Idaho where we have lots of different critters and love them all. Over the years we have raised many animals for 4-H as well as our pets including horses, goats, cows, chickens, donkeys, cats, fish and of course, our dogs. Our dad is a veterinarian and owns his own clinic here in our shop. He is the reason we have and love so many animals. Our mom is the office and business manager for the vet clinic but spends most of her time chasing kids and pets around the county. The 4 of us kids stay busy year-round with school, sports, church, family and friends. 

208 Canines is the name we came up with after our first litter of puppies was born. Along with 4-H projects, we decided to expand to a breeding program to help pay for college. Breeding is a fun way to learn more about the business side of the animal industry. Growing up with a veterinarian for a dad we have seen more then most of the reproductive, surgery, and health maintenance sides of farm and ranch life. There's just something special about missing the school bus because we are helping dad with a C-section in the shop! There are only so many puppies we could work with before wanting to join the dog breeding world as well. 

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